How to Style a Women's Cardigan

3 Ways to Style a Cardigan and Stay Warm

Tatiana Uribe

With the cold weather approaching you have to start thinking how to stay warm without compromising style, and that's totally doable with women's cardigans!  Fashion is about being creative and understanding how to mix and match the garments in your closet.

Women's cardigans will be your best friend this season. There are so many varieties of cardigans that you can choose from, from fabrics to style. You may opt for a knitted cardigan for a cozy outing. An oversized cardigan for a comfortable but trendy look, or even a hooded cardigan for a relaxing day. Cardigans are a great addition to your closet as they can be dressed up or down. Depending on the look you want to achieve or the event you're dressing up for, there are so many ways you can style a cardigan and stay warm this season.

1. Wear an Oversized Cardigan with a Tank for a Casual Evening.

oversized leopard print cardigan

A leopard-print cardigan in tones of beige and brown can be paired with high waisted white jeans and a tank -perfect casual outfit for an afternoon brunch with your bestie. With this oversized cardigan you can stay in style while being warm on a chilly day. The buttoned down cardigan gives you an option to keep it open or closed depending on the weather- add in some comfy sneakers and call it a day!

2. Plaid Pants and a Knit

plaid pants and a cardigan, chic look

This cardigan is a very versatile piece. It can be combined with so many different items in your wardrobe. In this style we paired it up with neutral plaid pants and ankle boots.

3. Elegant and Classy

cardigan and a mini skirt

Skirts are a must for fall! They look so chic and classy, but you can get cold very quickly. Cardigans as well can be work with mini skirts. This style portrays a brown suede mini skirt, black basic turtle neck top, over-the-knee high heel boots and of course a cozy knitted cardigan. You can use this outfit for a nice dinner with the hubby.

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