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4 Ways to Style a Shacket this Fall

Tatiana Uribe

The best part of fall is the color changing trees all arounds us, but with that comes the winds, rain, and cold temperatures! And who wouldn't say that in order to enjoy the beautiful season, we must dress comfortably and warm. Shackets are a great way to welcome Fall. They are pretty, comfortable, but most importantly cozy! Here are four ways you can style a shacket this season, but first the basic rule -Start with a base outfit. If your shacket is a plaid piece, these usually have more than one color. It's always safe to pick one of those colors as your base.

1. Cool and Comfy

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Wear a tank that is one of the colors of your shacket. Not only will it give you extra warmth and comfort but it will look nice when you top it off with your shacket. Leave your shacket open to show the contrast between both pieces. You can pair the tank with high waisted jeans to accentuate your waist! Wear some low heel cozy boots and call it a day! This outfit idea is perfect for a day at the pumpkin patch or even an evening with friends.

2. Trendy and Chic

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When you wear a shacket as the main top of your outfit you must have a waisted belt. As shackets do not have a fitted form, it will not give you that feminine look you're expecting. Adding a waisted belt will help to bring out your waist and give you a curvy figure! Pick a belt that matches one of the colors of your shacket.

3. Cozy and Fuzzy

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Turtlenecks come into place on this look. They are great to be paired with shackets to add extra warmth to your outfit. If its specially a colder night in fall opt for a turtleneck long sleeve top, even a turtle neck pullover will look great! Keep the shacket open, put on some high waisted jeans and tuck in the sweater on one side of your hips! You may wear this with winter boots or even some booties!

4. A Warmer Day

high waisted mini skirt with shacket, shacket look, how to style a shacket

If it's a warmer day, bring out the skirts! Skirts make a great companion for shackets. You can opt for a black or brown leather high waisted mini skirt and pair it with a beige shacket. You can wear a long sleeve top underneath and tuck it in! In this look you may want to opt for knee high boots to give extra warmth to your legs. This is a very chic style for a night out with the hubby.

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