Dress Cozy for Winter with these Tips

Dress Cozy for Winter with these Tips

Tatiana Uribe

Winter can mean different things for people around the world, but for us in most parts of the US is a whole lot of snow and frost-feeling temperatures. This feeling of coldness is often associated with special memories- hot chocolate by the fire, Christmas shopping with family, and even Christmas lights sigh-seeing with the kids. In South America, it is often times rain and 60 degree weather. Unfortunately, we are not that lucky, but we can still enjoy those winter days and special times if we dress correctly for the season! Here are some tips to keep you dressing cozy this winter.

  • Add layers! Preferably three.

Your base layer can be a cashmere sweater and thin leggings to keep you warm without making you sweat. You second layer option can be sweatpants- thick fleece to retain body temperature. Finally, add a winter coat to block heavy winds and rain.

 cashmere sweater and parka coat

  • Avoid cotton- opt for flannel, wool and cashmere tops.

Cotton fabric is comfortable and soft, but not the best for winter weather- it doesn't absorb the moisture or insulate well, so you may be very cold. You can wear a flannel shirt with leather pants, which take me to my next point!

flannel top


  • Leather is your friend! Winter fashion doesn't have to be boring.

Leather can make any outfit interesting and more chic. Dressing in winter can be fun when you mix and match leather with other sweaters and flannels. Genuine leather is warm to the touch so opt for some leather skinny pants. It will keep you warm and provide easy movement. You can also wear a leather jacket as its got a thick fabric and will trap your body heat to keep you warm, but do layer it up!


 leather skinny pants

  • Don't flare up! keep it tight.

Use tight-fitting clothing-skinny jeans, leggings and tights to keep you from getting wind chills! A great way to make this work is to use tights or fleece-lined leggings under skirts and dresses-not only it will provide more warmth but it will make such a cute outfit! Pair it with knee-high boots and you're good to go.

skinny jeans

  • Long coats

Down and wool cools are perfect to keep you warm all winter. Puffy down coats are insulating and lightweight. Wool is heavier, classier and warm. Choose the right coat for your outfit!

down coat, wool coat

Now that you learned some tips on how to stay fashionable and cozy this winter, you can go on the hunt for your next add on to your wardrobe! Tap the pics to shop our products.

Which one of these tips did you like the most?

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