How to Prevent Hoodies from Shrinking

How to Prevent Hoodies from Shrinking

Tatiana Uribe

Hoodies season is finally here! we wait for it all year long because well - they are comfy, cute, and laid-back. Hoodies are the perfect staple to your closet for the fall, where it starts to get cold, but not frosty. They are warm enough to keep you cozy where you don't need anything else over. But how can you take care of your most precious garment in your wardrobe? The biggest problem with hoodies is - they shrink.

Why do Hoodies Shrink?

The most popular fabric used to make hoodies is cotton. Cotton is great because it is soft and comfortable to the touch, but the one drawback is that is prone to shrink when exposed to heat. Of course, there are ways to prevent hoodies from shrinking, let's discuss some!
  1. Wash your hoodie inside out

There is a saying my mom used to tell me," anything that is delicate turn it inside out"- same goes for hoodies!

      2. Wash with cold water

    Washing with cold water is always recommended because like we talked about- heat shrinks cotton fabric, so your best bet is to avoid warm or hot water.

          3. Hang to dry

    It is best to avoid the drying machine at all costs, but if it is truly necessary you may dry your hoodie just with the air fluff. Other than that, hang your hoodie on a rack, a chair or a coat hanger to keeps its best shape possible.

    Now that you know how to take care of your hoodies check out some of our top hoodie styles and must-have jogger sets for this season:

    Cropped Hoodies

    cropped zip up hoodies

    Cropped hoodies are the perfect go to fashion if you want to be comfy and look sexy. You can wear a tank top underneath and leave it open or you can wear it closed for more warmth. Pair it with jeans and sneakers and you got a sporty chic look.

    Oversized Jogger Set

    oversized hoodie jogger set

    This has comfort written all over it! Oversized hoodies are the best staple for lounge wear. Not only are they cozy, but super comfortable to lay around the house. They're perfect for the chillier days, when it's raining or snowing and you've got to run errands!

    Distressed Hoodie-Jogger Set

    distressed hoodie setThis distressed look is very chic and playful. Loving the ripped, straight leg joggers and the cropped hoodie. Perfect for an afternoon outing with a bestie!

    Which one of these looks is the next on your wardrobe? Follow us on Instagram @fashiononsavanna and #savannalove. Shop more hoodies and joggers here.

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