Must-Have Fashion for Fall

Must-Have Fashion for Fall

Tatiana Uribe

With fall here, it's time to rotate or add on to your wardrobe! Fall fashion entails for jeans, sweaters, shackets and even tank tops. Think cozy, comfortable and fun! Just because we have to cover ourselves from the wind and rain doesn't mean we can't rock beautiful outfits. When you mix in basic pieces in your closet and create dimension with these you can create very unique styles to fit your personality. Like a friend said once, "It's not what you own, but how you wear it"!

1. High Waisted Jeans

high waisted distressed jeans, ripped jeans
Sorry to the low cut lovers out there but high waisted jeans are still the new go to for many outfit looks. This one is a very versatile piece, you can wear it with tees, long sleeve shirts and even blouses.
I like to have a dark blue, black, and gray pairs in my closet as i can mix and match them with many tops I already own.

2. Turtleneck Pullovers or Shirts

turtleneck long sleeve shirt, fall clothing
Turtlenecks are a great piece to add to your closet. They give you a modest and interesting look while keeping you warm from morning to night. You can tuck it in with high waisted jeans or leave out with low cut jeans.
You may also wear this one with pants and mini skirts for a playful style!

3. Shackets

chequered shacket, shackets, flannel shackets
Soft and cozy to keep you warm all fall and winter. These are essential in your closet. Some come in plaid patterns and others as solids but even if you just have one they can be worn as shirts by itself or over tanks, turtlenecks
and other tops. These are great because they add dimension to your outfits making them more interesting and unique, while keeping you warm!

4. Sweatpants

sweatpants, tracksuits, jogger set
Sweatpants are never out of style and are a must have in your closet for the colder months of the year. They keep you comfortable, warm and are super cozy. You may even opt for fleece lined leggings for a more tighter fit.
You can pair sweats with cropped tops or even tees with a sweatshirt on. If you're on the preppy side you may even opt for a track suit set to have the matching pieces and look super cute!

5. Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots, chunky boots, leather boots, ankle booties, booties
These are the go to boots for looks in 2021. Everyone wants a pair or they already own one. The Chelsea boots make for a super chic and fun addition to any outfit. They go well with skinny jeans, leather skirts, cropped jeans and even shorts! This is a very versatile piece and a must-have in your closet. If you want to add warmth to your feet we have a few styles lined with fur perfect for the cold weather!

Which of these would you add to your collection? See more fall essentials here. Follow us on Instagram @fashiononsavanna and #savannalove rocking out our outfits!

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